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Mess saver

I was skeptical and still think it’s overpriced, but I’m glad I got it. Such a mess saver and I love being able to put food back on her tray if it falls onto the catchy. Good investment!

Game Changer!

The catchy has made our lives so much easier at meal time. No more cleaning the floor and having to bend down to pick up the water bottle that usually gets thrown on the floor. We absolutely love it.

Life Saver

My baby tends to throw her food to the floor during her meals and it’s a headache to clean it all up. The Catchy catches all of the thrown food so I don’t have to worry about it going to waste. I give it back to my baby to eat. Also, her Ikea high chair does not have a footrest, so the catchy acts as a footrest. My baby doesn’t get easily tired now because of her dangling feet. It’s seriously an all-in-one product! You guys invented something all parents have secretly asked for ! Thank you !

A great initiative

Such a wonderful product it is ! Saves my carpet floor from all the mess and stickyness of food. Foods arent wasted and so easy to clean good job

Catchy is a life saver!

How did we do life without the catchy! I wish I purchased it 3 months ago when my baby started solids! Saves so much time and energy cleaning and picking up food from the floor, chucking it out and mopping. My only criticism with it is I wish the front of the catchy came out a bit more to catch the food my son pushes off from the front, good for dropping from the sides though! Best purchase :)

Saved my back and my sanity

I debated whether to buy this for several months due to the cost, and the fact that I didn’t want to buy yet another baby thing that might be unnecessary or only used for a short while. Well, let me tell you, after the first meal using this thing, it felt worth every penny for the 50x times I DIDNT have to bend over and pick up a spoon off the floor. Since using the Catchy (about a month now), I haven’t once had to mop up the floor under my baby’s high chair. It has caught all the spoon drops, food, and cups. Clean up is less of a chore now that I can just scoop up the mess from the tray and go on with my day! And I can easily reuse spoons that fall into the tray instead of having to wash them off constantly. I 100% recommend this product if you have a messy eater and you’re tired of all the cleaning and bending!

Happy customer

With a dog and a messy baby exploring solids, Catchy has saved a lot of food and saved me from cleaning the floor after every meal. Simple but very effective, I don’t know why we didn’t buy it sooner.

Worth every penny

We love the Catchy! It has definitely made clean up easier as we do not have to clean the floor every night after my 8 month old finishes eating.

Something every mum needs!!

I bought the catchy as my friend recommended to me. This has to be one of the most useful items I have ever purchased!! Takes the stress out of mealtimes!! Catches everything and you can just pop back in the tray!! So easy to clean!! Such a great invention!! I will be recommending to all my friends when they have babies!!

So handy

Such a great idea and works so well. Saves me so much time not having to hunt around the floor for cutlery, food, cups etc that have been dropped. Also keeps dropped food clean so can quickly re-offer (no pet hair needing to be washed off!).

Highly recommend

We love our catchy. Minimal to no mess on floors. Easy to clean and excellent customer service. Highly recommend


Already paid for itself with the amount of stuff it’s caught!

Keeping dog safe

The catchy works well for most unintentional food drops but 1 year old can fling a little further. Our dog was ill after 'cleaning up' baby food so we decided to get the catchy. In addition to keeping dog safe, we feel that the cost is warranted as it saves unwanted veterinary bills.

Perfect for families with Dogs

It truly is the life saver that you’re thinking it might be. We have two huskies and we have trained them for years to not take any food off of tables or out of babies hands, but anything that falls to the ground is free game for them. *enter new baby in highchair, dropping food on the ground*. The catchy has been a perfect visual line for the dogs to know they cannot eat off the catchy, but can still eat off the floor like they’ve always known. It has taken so much stress away from navigating dogs and babies at dinner time. Also, being able to reuse the food that falls on the catchy is huuuge. Everyone who comes over comments on how brilliant it is.

Keeps our floor clean!

We love our Catchy! Does exactly what it says on the tin! Only expertly thrown food misses the tray, we dont have to waste all of the food that leaves the high chair anymore! Worth every penny


Wish I had this with my other children! No more getting on my hands and knees after every meal to pick up food. 99% lands in the catchy and keeps my floors cleaner for longer 🤣 I will recommend this to anyone who listens 🤣

One of my best "baby" purchases!

I have twin girls, and as you can imagine when it comes to meal time it's double the mess. I bought a "splash mat" for under their high chairs but it wasn't big enough because of two high chairs and I was constantly cleaning things up off the floor. At one point we were getting little bugs coming in through the dog door trying to get the crumbs. I had to figure something out, and I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon the catchy in my search. They are amazing! Rarely does anything reach the floor. I usually just wipe down after feeds and then do a good rinse off 1x a week with the hose. Everyone that sees it when they come over think it's the best idea and we couldn't agree more! Thank you for making meal time a little easier!

Love it!

Cleaning the floor used to be such a daunting task after each feed (which feels like they eat all day long!) love not getting on the ground to wipe up the food off the Catchy!

Where have you been all my life

After having my 3rd child (with an 8&6 year gap) I had forgotten how much mess a baby makes when they are learning to eat, and this time I’m not returning to work so I’m 100% in charge of all the mess this time, and boy is there a lot. It also saves the cups being thrown and smashed open on the floor! You’ve saved my sanity at meal times!

Such a good saver!

We love our catchy already. Saves food and spoons from our dog and easy to clean!


Absolutely the best purchase I have made so far being a first time mum, has made my life so much easier and no more anxiety with giving my son complete free range of messy eating in a fun environment 😀 with me not worrying about cleaning the floors every single meal time is also allowing his relationship with eating to become positive. Hands down amazing product!


We purchased the Catchy to prevent our infant from feeding the dog, as well as to protect the pine flooring in our (rented) apartment. It’s a game-changer! Food isn’t wasted and I’m no longer bending impossibly to pull broccoli from floor cracks. My daughter thinks the Catchy is super entertaining though I think the dog is super bummed. We’re intending it to gift the Catchy to other friends. Totally worth the purchase!


Firstly great name as yes it definitely caught my eye ! And it does the job !

For parents who have carpet definitely recommend buying this , so easy to clean !
I have gotten so many friends to also purchase after me getting it !


I absolutely love the Catchy! It was easy to set up, has been so helpful in not wasting food, and saving my back for clean up! 1000% recommend!
(Picture before the mess!)

Excellent! Wish I’d had it for my older 2.

This is my 3rd baby and I was dreading weaning as the mess (especially with baby led weaning) is immense but The Catchy has been a game changer. I have constant lower back pain and bending to the floor is so hard so it’s so handy to have the mess contained and higher up. The cat who likes to eat dropped things is less impressed!