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Would go nuts without it!

After a week of crawling under the table to clean up after meals, this purchase was a no brainer. Does exactly as intended. We can also still neatly tuck our Tripp Trapp under the table and the Catchy doesn’t get in the way of the neighbouring chair beside it. Great product.

So WORTH it!

Yes, we should have gotten a Catchy sooner. We welcomed our 3rd child eight months ago and only thought to try out the catchy until he arrived.
We absolutely love our Catchy, it helps make cleaning up quicker and less back breaking as well as reduces food wastage (we are able to just pick up what was dropped and place it back to onto his plate without a worry).

Thank you for this great invention! Absolutely recommend it to anyone with messy toddlers!

Love the Catchy

We bought this for my daughter for her young baby boy. He is nearly 8 months old and is at the stage of exploring food and throwing it on the floor! The Catchy does a great job of stopping it going to the floor and its also very easy to clean afterwards. My daughter is very happy with the Catchy!

Worth its weight in gold!

The Catchy is the best thing I've ever purchased! I don't know how we lived without it. Dinner clean up used to take me 10-15 min on my hands and knees picking up every grain of rice, now its done and dusted in 2 minutes! i have recommended this to everyone i know who has a baby! 10/10 recommend!

The best investment we’ve ever made!

We were hesitant to try this as we figured it would be just another thing to clean after meals but it has absolutely saved our floors! So much easier than getting down on the ground and trying to clean everything up. The highchair catchy makes it so incredibly easy! I could not recommend this product enough! We wish we had bought one sooner!!!

Just what we needed!

We have dogs and a baby that loves to throw food so it was a combo that was causing total chaos! The catchy has made life so much easier and it also means less waste because I can still give baby the food she throws into the catchy.

best baby gadget of our year!

could not live without this! saves us sooo much time (and money - berries are pricy!🤣) . we recommend this to all of our parent friends!

Floor saver!

Love the catchy for my sons Tripp trapp.
So easy to fit & clean, it has saved my floors… and my back from bending over to wipe it constantly


We have a doggo so protecting her from foods she can't eat like avocado and almond butter has been the best! Great to also be able to use our high chair on the carpet too. Genius invention!

Absolutely fantastic life saver!

The Catchy is the best baby thing I've purchased. It's saves me having to get down and pick up EVERYTHING that my baby throws off her tray during meal times. It saves me having to yell at my dogs as they scavenge under the high chair. And best of all, it saves so much food going to waste.
Best thing ever!

Worth your money

Good product. Saves us so much time!


Only on day 4 of solids and so far Catchy has saved a bowl of thrown porridge from the floor and avocado from a hungry puppy. And a spoon about 43 times. Assembly and cleaning very easy.


Such a great invention. Now I can pickup all the food and give it back to her. Although the dogs are a bit sad. 😄


We absolutely LOVE our catchy! Cleanup is a breeze, and nothing gets stuck in our wood floors anymore. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

LOVE, love, love

Like many of the reviews I read, I only wish I would have had the Catchy sooner. It’s really a game changer. I usually start cooking/feeding baby in the kitchen and scoot him to the dining room table when we eat-eat; I was on my hands and knees cleaning two separate floor areas, 3 times a day. Our dog was also infatuated with eating random tidbits off the floor, which causes some issues! Anyway, now, I can just let all the mess fall and I clean it off when I’m ready. (Note: big dogs can still put their antsy heads in the catchy right retrieve food, but it’s SO much better.) Truly love this creation!

You need this

I did not hesitate to buy this when I discovered it. Yes, it is a bit cumbersome around the table. But it is absolutely worth it to save a hundred trips to the floor to fetch spoons and food. It is so much easier to clean than the floor and chair and table legs! I feel confident giving food/spoons back that have fallen on it because I know it’s clean! Thank you so much.

Dream Catcher

The Catchy is AMAZING! Easy to assemble and does as it’s named. Helps immensely with clean ups so I’m recommending to all my Mum friends 👏.

Easy to clean !

Love the catchy as it’s so easy to clean also no longer need to worry the little one keep throwing things on the floor because catchy and catch everything !

Game changer!

With 2 dogs in the house (and plenty of dog hair..) any food that was dropped on the floor by my 9 month old went to waste, but now it lands on the catchy and I can’t pop it straight back up on his tray as it isn’t covered in dog hair and whatever else is on the floor… i also love that I can move the high chair and catchy into another room when we are done, the mess is gone and I can come back and clean it later when I’m not chasing kids around. Everyone who comes over comments on our catchy and what a great idea it is, and most friends who have been visiting and seen it have ended up ordering one for themselves before they leave! Wish I’d found out about the catchy sooner!

Time Saver!

So happy with our catchy - it saves us time having to clean up the floor after every meal, we just wipe it down in the evening. I also feel comfortable re-offering foods that have dropped in the catchy (vs the floor) so there is less food wastage which is a bonus.

Amazing product!

We absolutely love our Catchy! It stops the dog from eating foods he can't, keeps our floors mess free and means our babe can still eat the food he's dropped! Highly recommend!


This is a such a simple concept but so so effective. This is my second BLW baby and we were unable to find a good solution to food mess with the first. This time around with the High Chair Catchy has made BLW even more appealing.


Easy to assemble, easy to clean, works a treat. I'm only mad I didn't buy it sooner.

Wish I had bought it sooner.

Wish I’d bought it sooner, it has saved so much cleaning up of the floor. Is exactly what we needed for our excited and messy little eater