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Best starting solids product!

Perfect fit for our stokke chair! Love that I don’t have to struggle to clean my floor and it’s so easy to wipe down after meals. BEST IDEA EVER! Recommending to all of my mom friends.


Game changer, the catchy’s took so much stress out of baby led weaning. I’ve recommended to soo many friends. Lots of compliments too!

Great decvice!

We love our catchy!!! It makes cleanup a breeze and is great because we can pick up food that falls on it and give it back to our baby. More sanitary!

So helpful

Honestly makes such a difference! My husband had his reservations, and so did I since objectively it's expensive for a sheet of plastic BUT this sheet of plastic has really improved our lives! Especially with a small dog in the house, this keeps a lot of the mess and stress contained and off the floor. It's easy to clean, sturdy, and effective. Much easier to deal with than splash mats or getting down on the floor to clean.

One thing that would really improve this amazing invention even more, is if it were easy to remove... At least for our highchair (Lalo brand), the legs & footrest need to be removed to install the catchy. That means i can't just rinse the whole thing off in the shower & since it's bulky, it takes up quite a bit of space in our small apartment. It would be great to be easily removable or foldable.

Catchy to the rescue!

Every night I would be on my knees cleaning up the floor under my 8 month old high chair. You have saved my back and knees from this. With just a wet cloth everything that would have made it to the floor is swept up easily. I’ve recommended to all my friends with young babies/kids and will be buying one for a gift for my brother’s baby. Wish I would have gotten one sooner.

It’s not too late to get one!

I was worried that at 10 months it wouldn’t be worth getting the Catchy - how much longer will bubba even be in the chair? I should have got it when she started eating solids, right? Wrong! It was 100% worth getting! From the first day we used it I knew I’d made the right decision. It has saved my back not having to get right down to the floor to pick everything up, and our cat doesn’t eat everything bubba drops anymore. Plus I don’t have to make extra food in case it gets thrown on the floor- I can just pick it up & give it back!

If you’re thinking about getting one but are worried your bubba is already too old, just get one, it’s worth it!

Best food saver yet!!!

This invention is genius! You don’t know how many times I’ve had to reach on the floor and throw out food or wipe spills that didn’t make it to the splat mat! This saves my back, money, and time to clean and remake food!

Thank you!! Our little messer uses it so well!! We’re so grateful for it!!

Hugely helpful

We have two pugs and a baby, and the Catchy has been fantastic in preventing our pugs from eating every thing that our baby is eating (or more accurately, throwing). Also makes it easier for us to grab and clean rather than it going all over our floor. It's easy to clean and works well with the Stokke. Highly recommend!!

The thing we never knew we needed!

Honestly, the catchy has been great! It is so nice to wipe off, and is 100x better than wiping the floor. My only wish is that it came in black!

Better than expected

To be honest I was quite disappointed when I saw I have to dismantle the chair to put the catchy on. I didn’t do it for ages. But when u finally did it, I couldn’t be happier. Well worth the investment. Makes feeding the bub so easy. Highly recommend

Must have!!!

Not sure how people cope without this thing! It makes life so much easier. Just wipe it down instead of having to mop 3 times a day. Definitely worth it.

Best Baby Item Ever

Wow! The catchy truely does take the stress out of meal times. As someone who stresses about mess I love that it’s all contained in one place and not ruining my floors. Now I can sit back and relax while my very messy 7 month old eats and know it’s a quick and easy cleanup at the end of the meal. Sadly the dog does not approve 😂

Must have

It's great. I saved so much on food and time cleaning the floor. Perfect baby shower present.

Game changer!

Love our catchy, makes clean up so much easier plus no more picking things up off the floor endlessly. Thanks!

Best money I ever spent

First review I've ever posted, but the Catchy is amazing. I have three kids including a 10 month old and it is life-changing for me and my husband not having to get on our hands and knees 3+ times a day to clean the floor. The mess in the catchy can be cleaned up when we have time to do it. I have recommended to all my friends with babies.

In love!

I am so glad to have invested in the catchy! Saves time and is one less job to clean the floors after every mealtime.
We all know there are plenty more things to do in our wonderful parenthood journey.

You absolutely NEED one!

This is the best invention EVER. I could not do baby led weaning without a Catchy. Highly recommend it!

Great for the baby who wants to feed themselves

Before Catchy, bub would try to feed himself, fail, and drop his food off the side or post it through his leg holes. I'd be constantly rinsing food off. With Catchy, I don't have to reach as far to retrieve food or spoons, and clean up is much more contained! Never thought I'd find it so useful so I'm glad we bought it.

Best thing ever!

The Catchy is one of the best baby items we have purchased. It saves so much food and mess but also helps with our little dogs not fighting over the food that our baby drops. 100% would recommend.

Saves my back!

My back was so sore from bending down and cleaning the floor, the Catchy makes it so much easier and contains most of the mess. It is a bit of a pain to get on and off the Ikea high chair with an added footrest, so I only remove if every couple of weeks for a deep clean. Otherwise it’s easy to wipe down.

hi this is an essential product for messy babies.

I fall prey to instagram targeted ads as a first time and new mom, let me say this upfront. BUT when I saw this pop up on my feed I felt compelled to look into this. Our baby has started solids and loves to eat and is also distracted, requiring things like decoy spoons and small toys. instead of food and toys falling on the ground it all ends up in this clever catcher. We got the Tripp Trapp version, and it was finicky to attach but works great. Really wish I'd invented this.

Great invention!!

I was looking for something to stop everything dropping on the floor so the pup doesn’t eat things he shouldn’t. Found this on the net and its perfect. Looks exactly like it does on photos. It’s easy to clean and just looks like part of the high chair. Can highly reccommend!

Mess saver

I was skeptical and still think it’s overpriced, but I’m glad I got it. Such a mess saver and I love being able to put food back on her tray if it falls onto the catchy. Good investment!

Game Changer!

The catchy has made our lives so much easier at meal time. No more cleaning the floor and having to bend down to pick up the water bottle that usually gets thrown on the floor. We absolutely love it.

Life Saver

My baby tends to throw her food to the floor during her meals and it’s a headache to clean it all up. The Catchy catches all of the thrown food so I don’t have to worry about it going to waste. I give it back to my baby to eat. Also, her Ikea high chair does not have a footrest, so the catchy acts as a footrest. My baby doesn’t get easily tired now because of her dangling feet. It’s seriously an all-in-one product! You guys invented something all parents have secretly asked for ! Thank you !