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Number 1 BLW essential

Absolute game changer when it comes to cleaning up after messy mealtimes. No more getting on my hands and knees picking food up again and again! Wiping down is just a breeze⭐️
Also I love their plates as they come with lids, makes transporting meals to park picnics so simple and the sippy cups with straws don’t leak!!!!! The bib prints are just gorgeous too. All just so great, so so great!!


We love our Catchy! It’s been a life saver at meal times. Our son loves to throw food and spoons so you can imagine the state of our floors after meals. Now we can just clean him up, wipe down the catchy and we’re good to go! If you’ve been on the fence about buying a Catchy, this is your sign!! DO IT!!

Worth it!

I debated purchasing a catchy for a few months and finally decided to pull the trigger. Not only did I not want to clean up food off the floor, I also wanted an easy way to keep my dogs nose off the high chair tray! It’s been a win win and I am so glad I purchased!


where do i even start.... just get it and save yourself loadsss of trouble. can you let your child self feed without it? of course. will you go crazy with all the crumbs and food all over the floor? absolutely. will the catchy solve all your child-rearing problems? no. but will it make mealtimes less daunting and difficult? YESSS. for many difficult things in life, we simply have to live with it... but not for this. someone actually came up with a solution and it works, so buy it!!!!!!

Love the catchy for twins!

The catchy has totally changed my life! It has made my day so much easier cleaning up after my twin boys! It keeps their mess off the floor and cuts cleaning time in half! The material is very durable and easy to clean! Everyone who comes over to our house comments on them and says “why didn’t I think of that?!” This has been one of my top recommendations to new moms!

Love love love!

The Catchy is an absolute game changer. We're only just starting our solids journey and little miss 6 months loves dropping her spoon over the side of the high chair, so being able to just grab it and hand it back to her makes meal times so much easier. The bamboo footrest is also fantastic. Winning combination, worth every cent!

Life saver!

Absolutely the best thing for meal times!
Such a great investment and great price too.
Can not recommend enough :)

Love this!

I was unsure if this would help but it’s been the best decision ever to get a catchy. Food is kept off the floor and easily picked up and my dog no longer gets to it before i do!
It’s super easy to clean too.

Love it!

The catchy makes cleanup so much easier. It was easy to install, and works great with our high chair. 10/10 would recommend.

Eating doesn’t stop after meal time!

The best benefit to having a catchy is that it allows my son to continue to snack on the food that was dropped after meal time is over, without worrying the food had touched the floor. Often he’ll finish it all (as long as it was messy food!)

Messy Floor No More

I love how CATCHY works!! I don't need to clean the floor every meal. But our dog is not happy about it, no more extra food for him. 😆

Sheltie’s starving

Works great to keep food off the floor and out of our dogs mouth. Less waste for sure!


I never have to clean the floor again!


We live in an apartment and have carpet in our dining area so I was really hopeful that the Catchy would live up to its hype and it definitely does! We are about a month into our sons solid foods adventure and i can count on one hand the number of times I have had to pick up anything from our carpet!


We love our Catchy! Save are floors from all the messes!

Wish I bought it sooner!

We have the version for the Lalo high chair. I wish we had bought it earlier. It is so much easier to catch things from the tray than the floor, and so much easier to clean. Our little one can continue experiencing gravity and we don’t have to break our backs picking food up wash time.


Thank you so much for this superb 'devise'. My husband maid fun of me when I told him I ordered to be shipped Switzerland,but now he too has been converted 😅 we love it,catchy doesn't miss anything that falls and of course saves me so much time cleaning wise. Thank you Catchy Family for your hard work❤

Makes mealtimes more enjoyable with our Tripp Trapp

When we started solids, I was feeling overwhelmed with the cleanup after every meal, crawling around the floor. Now with the Catchy it’s so much faster and better on my back. It’s also great that I can give him back food that has been flung onto the catchy because it’s a clean surface. Also our dog was eating fallen food on the ground that isn’t great for dogs, so he’s safer now too.

Mess avoided!

This really has simplified our life. No more food on the floor! It was easy to install and the material is easy to clean. The corners are a bit more tricky to clean but not beyond reason. I would recommand 100%.

We love it!

We love our catchy! Our son is a bit of a mess maker (no surprise) and it catches all of the mess before it hits the floor.

An honest lifesaver!

The catchy catches everything, food, toys, plates, cups, spoons! Its the best thing I purchased for my son's high chair. My son loves swiping things off his tray OVER AND OVER AGAIN whether it be food from his plate or the plate itself or toys while hanging out with mommy or daddy in the kitchen.. and THE CATCHY CATCHES IT ALL. Thank goodness for the catchy I dont have to break my back bending over a million times to pick up whatever item my son has swiped off his high chair tray. PLUS since I clean the catchy many times a day, when food pieces fall on to it, I'm confident enough to feed it back to my son since it didnt fall on a contaminated surface. Overall i LOVE this product! I definitely questioned the purchase before I started using it but now that Ive been using it, I am so glad I came across this amazing product!


I didn’t know that I was missing out and should have bought it sooner. Saves a major floor cleanup for BLW mums and bubs

What a Catch!

We’re absolutely loving our Catchy and are so glad we found you. Our weaning journey with 8 month old Thomas is so much easier than it would have been if we’d been on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor - and far less work than getting a dog to snaffle up the dropped food! Easy to fit and easy to clean, 5 stars. Our friends who had babies long before us are jealous the Catchy wasn’t around at the time. Worth every penny.

Life changing product!

I’m very grateful for my catchy! It’s a game changer and time and nerves saver! I have 3 kids. And I have catchy only with the third one, so I know the difference. Now with the catchy feeding my baby is so much easier and more comfortable! The material is very easy to clean and doesn’t absorb anything. Thank you for this great helper for the families! Good luck and best wishes!

Love our catchy!!!

It’s revolutionised dinner times! Not only is there less food waste, there’s also less mess, and less throwing of food as it’s not as satisfying not to hear a thump on the ground! Would recommend to any and all!