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Works great!

Works great and is easy to clean. Wish I’d bought this sooner!

Catchy Bowl Set
Amy Johnston
The best

The best suction bowl / bib / spoon and fork I have purchased. I’m 100% going to order another set!

Stops my dog from getting to food dropped on the floor, saves my back and time cleaning

We have bought it for our son and wife who are expecting a baby in September

Perfect fit for the target 'snacka' high chair

Very easy to put together and a perfect fit for the target 'snacka' high chair.
I haven't used it yet as my little one is just about to start solids, but I look forward to my floors staying clean, taking some of the anxiety out of BLW. Not sure it's going to keep our daughter's food away from the dog though...

Great purchase for starting solids!

Bought this for my 2nd bub as baby led weaning can get very messy. Has been great not having to get on hands and knees to pick up spoons / cups / broccoli pieces. Easy to clean. Would love it if you did a double one so the toddler mess could be caught too! 🙂 great product, thank you!

Excellent purchase! No regrets!

I was not sure if my son was going to like having the tray under his feet (he was 1 and 6 months when we purchased it) but he loved it! And it is so easy to clean and put away too. We used to have a plastic mat under his Ikea chair which was a nightmare to clean and put away every time we used it.


Even though my grandson drops his food or throws it the catchy usual gets it all. Much more healthy to pick up and give back as floors get dirty with germs. Cleaning up is much easier than getting down on the floor. We now wait for food to dry out and then use a dustpan to collect it all. Then just a good wipe out does the trick. My daughter thanks you for your clever idea.

Twin Catchy’s

I got 2 Catchy’s for my 10 month old twins who LOVE their food! I absolutely love them!!! I usually dread the clean up after meals but now it’s so quick and easy. My only regret is not getting them sooner. They fit to the high chairs really well and are very easy to wipe out.

The perfect addition to our highchair- my floors are thanking me!

I am so happy that we purchased our catchy. It makes clean up so easy and fast. It has also saved my back from bending down to pick up food all the time and the floor from getting mopped after every meal!
Thank you- this product is a must for any parent with a baby new to eating!

Love it!

I’m amazed that this has caught 90% of the food my 9 month old drops. Makes clean up that little less painful not having to get on your knees haha highly recommend!

Grand Parents Saviour

Hi Chair Catchy has helped not only me but our Grandparents from bending down all the time and now its easy to place food and toys back up on the High Chair.. Also stops the dog from getting an extra feed. Well done Sunrise on Channel 7. Awesome idea for small businesses

Love it

I love the catchy. Not only does it do the trick of catching my bubs food but it also looks good. A lot nicer than a mat on the ground. I also love that it’s attached the the high chair and I don’t have to pull a mat out at every meal or snack time.


Absolutely love it. Saves me so much time and makes life so much easier. Shipping was great and fast as well.

Well done guys

Sam Mac good on you.

I’d meant to buy something like this for a few weeks as my Bub had just started solids. One morning I had channel 7 on and there was your wonderful success story from your advert the morning prior. Well done guys. So happy to buy things from small businesses 👏👏👏
Product is fab and fits the ikea high chair perfectly
Thank you!

Awesome......Thank you


I run a family day care business and once I saw the interview on sunrise I knew I just had to have 2. They are so good for the food that is dropped and so easy to just wipe out. Love them


Works great

Catchy Is truly a sanity saver!

Love our new catchy! What a clever product ! Meals times for Harvey my Bubba were a struggle and I dreaded the clean up of the floor … catchy changed that and now I look forwarded to feeding bubba ❤️❤️ Thank you

We love our Catchy

Our Catchy has been fantastic - I am no longer on my hands and knees 3 times a day cleaning the floor. It’s easy to clean and there’s a lot less food wastage when you can just pick the food up off the Catchy and put it back on the table 😂😂😂

Love it

Super happy with catchy, it saves me getting on the floor multiple times a day! If your thinking about buying one… DO IT!!


Our Catchy has made meals so much easier!


I was hesitant to buy this tray but one day after picking up toys twenty times an hour (and washing them!) after my six months old son, I bought it hoping it would catch 50% of the stuff. It catches 19/20. Maybe I’ll have to attach a mesh/canopy or something when his arms get longer and he starts dropping/flinging things outside the range of this tray. In any case, this tray is there to stay for good! It acts as a shelf as well, I keep his toys there and give him different ones every time. The two photos show only a small bunch, these days the tray is full of different toys.

Such a handy little invention

We are loving the high chair catchy. Wishing we discovered it sooner! Definitely making meal time a bit easier for us. A worthy investment! Or buy for a friend!

Great invention

This is very helpful in maintaining a clean floor with my messy eater,who also feeds our dog during his meal times :)