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The catchy is such a help! Wish I’d found it sooner

We bought 2 Catchy’s - one for my 9mo and one for my 3yo. It catches so much food which I would otherwise be needing to clean off the floor. They help protect the timber floors which is a big plus for us. We find the catchy itself very easy to wipe clean and the material is resilient.
We also received outstanding customer service. I ordered the wrong option and they were so quick to resolve it and went out of their way to do so. Thanks again Brad!

Love the Catchy!

Just wanted to send you a note to say I bloody love the catchy. We only got it a few days ago but oh my god. Life changing. It is so so good and has made meal times so much easier. Thanks so much for such a fab invention.

Best customer service. Product exactly like the photos

They are super ninja to reply when you get in contact with them. Also, I guess they are used to dealing with baby brain mums buying their products.... I bought for the wrong model - they were super nice and accommodating and flexible to arrange the exchange. Product is exactly how you see on photos. I am loving it - really helpful to catch what little one throws away - saves me from a lot of floor cleaning.

Living up to its name

Catchy saves my husband and I’s back from cleaning the floor every after meal times. Easy to clean, not as big/wide as I thought they were but definitely catches all the food being thrown by my LO.

Love our catchy!

We got our catchy a few months back and it is SO good! We love it so much and find it incredibly helpful. I have back issues, so always bending down to clean up the floor was getting tiresome! The catchy means I can clean it easily while sitting on a chair next to it, not hurting my back :) The only thing is that I wish it came a bit further out at the front, but it's not too important for us. Our bub also often uses the catchy to pull himself up to stand, and loves throwing his toys into it!
Overall, we're very happy and would definitely purchase again :)

Love our Catchy!

We are so glad we purchased the Catchy. We have a dog with diabetes that can't have any table foods, so the Catchy has saved us so much stress with scrambling to pick up food as our daughter is learning to eat. It's super easy to install, easy to clean, and we are loving it! It's made our experience with starting solid foods so much smoother and easier. We highly recommend the Catchy!

Catchy - the high chair food and mess catcher

Game changer!!!!!

I was sceptical about this product but willing to give anything a try to save my back and cleaning the floor 473873638 times a day.. First use and I was sold, it it’s a huge game changer!! LOVE IT!

Best invention ever

Amazing idea, saved my dogs weight, my back, and my view on BLW. All high chairs should be sold WITH this... at least for starting babies on solids. My personal tip: buy soon, you'll need it from minute 0.
Desde España, muchas gracias por este maravilloso invento. Menos tiempo limpiando, y más con mi bebé

Great time saver

Loving the catchy! This is our 4th child but our first catchy and it’s very convenient! Makes clean up a little easier and saves me time!

Great, does the job

A godsend :)

Amazing!! Dont know why I waited so long to purchase! Thanks so much

100% would buy again!

Meal times are so much easier now. I don’t have guilt about giving dropped items back to my baby and I’m no longer struggling bending down cleaning a grotty messy mat or floor. The catchy is so easy to wipe clean :)


So much better then food going all over the floor :) Great product!!

Game changer

This has been a life saver. Life is too short to be cleaning the floors 3-5 times a day. Keeping this clean is so easy. Highly recommend.

Catchy - the high chair food and mess catcher

Great contraption!

Works perfectly, highly reccomend!

Great product by great people!!!!


We've loved the catchy, we even took it camping with us last weekend. Great that we can reuse all the food that gets thrown!

The thing you didn't know you needed!

So clever! No need to pick stuff up off the floor constantly and saves so much cleaning! We love just wiping it down or hosing it off!

Much more freedom to explore

So far so good with our catchy. Now i dont have to worry about mopping after meal I’m much more relaxed about presenting our toddler with a variety of food and letting him go for it!

Best thing ever!

This is seriously one of the best things we’ve bought for our baby. It’s so easy to clean and we can put dropped food back on his tray without worrying about it being dirty. We love it so much!

What a great idea!

Really happy with this. We've only used it a few days but it's already saving the floor from all manner of food scraps, stray spoons and casually dropped water cups. It does add a bit of extra bulk, but very worth it for the sake of my sanity!

A Must Have!

I love my catchy! I have a 9 month old and she is constantly dropping/chucking food on the ground. So our catchy is a life saver and also saves our carpets too 😊

Super sturdy!!

Even though our boy hasn’t started eating yet, we’ve set up the Highchair and catchy and I’m storing his toys on it! It holds so much I was so surprised how sturdy it is! It will be so easy to clean. Thanks!